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Subsea Department

With our partner we can offer a dedicated team of skilled engineers and supervisors, all specialized in underwater tools and subsea equipment. The crew is very experienced in underwater operations and maintenance in related to this.


We work actively with HSE and place great emphasis on safety when working in ours mechanical workshop at Mongstad, as well as out at customers. The companies are working towards a quality handbook. The company has a good reputation in the market and we have a very stable workforce.

Our Location

Danfer AS is located about an hour's drive north of Bergen by the Mongstad Industry area


Our ethical guidelines and HSE policy are followed up through several measures, and shall ensure that both the administration and hired employees thrive. The company's ethical guidelines form the basis of all our affairs. 

Recent Projects 2020

Bilde 26.01.2020, 05 57 36

Mobilization CAP-X


BOP, fireline, Slip Joint/Telescopic Joint, Precharge of subsea and surface accumulators, made flying lead on bop and more


DSS BOP Stack assy, various tasks for Subsea

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